In final victory for hippy generation, Western policy will become “make love not war”

In final victory for hippy generation, Western policy will become “make love not war”

By Benjamin Fulford Weekly Reports  559 Comments

The world is going through a fundamental shift as the Western world is being cured of its Satanic infection. The result will be an unprecedented era of world peace and prosperity. This will be the legacy of the “make love not war,” hippy generation.

However, before this new age can start, some final housecleaning is being done. This can be seen in the international isolation and financial collapse of the fake Joe Biden regime in the United States. The collapse is accelerating as the Khazarian mafia “Biden” regime falls into pariah status.

As an example, last week the Biden avatar called a summit of the “Americas” only to be boycotted by the majority of states in the region. Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Uruguay and Bolivia were among the countries to boycott the meeting. Leaders of countries that did attend, like Argentina and Belize, took the opportunity to criticize “Biden.”

The rest of the world, including Africa, the Middle East, Asia (except for the Japanese and South Korean slave states), and a large part of Europe is also shunning the openly criminal US Corporate government. That is why an international boycott against it is causing an economic free-fall there.

Before we go further into the boycott of the US Corporation, let us look at the Iberoamerican revolt against it because huge and under-reported events are taking place in Latin America.

“What I can say with some certainty is that there is a general feeling of disgust here towards what the Jews [Khazarian mafia] have turned Anglosaxony into, and more generally, the West, including parts of our own countries,” says a source who claims to have just finished extensive talks with Portuguese and Spanish power brokers.

That is why the Russians have begun stationing troops and warplanes in Latin America as a move to counter Nato incursions on its own borders, other sources say. This news item, for example, confirms that Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega has invited Russia to deploy its armed forces in the country “for humanitarian purposes,”

Our sources in Mexican US military intelligence say the troops are already there along with a contingent of Chinese special forces.

This revolt against the US Corporation is why Iberoamerican narcotics gangs have stopped supplying adrenochrome to the Western elites. They have now taken action. Last week Mexican police arrested a “Nelson N” the alleged head of an international gang of pedophiles. “Nelson” was inexplicably released by Dutch authorities despite being found in 2020 with over 10,000 pornographic images of infants and children.

Holandés, presunto líder de un grupo internacional de pedófilos, es detenido en CdMx – SinEmbargo MX

What the Spanish article linked above fails to mention is that hundreds of naked children, each bearing an identification number, were freed during the arrest of “Nelson,” according to Mexican intelligence sources.

CIA sources for their part reminded us that at his trial Sinaloa Cartel boss Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, “stated in court that Comex helped launder $150 million in cartel money for [US House Speaker Nancy] Pelosi.” It appears only those who were at the trial are aware of this, the CIA source notes.

The Mexican sources also told us the Mexican drug cartels are all united at the higher levels and are ruled over by a single individual, a Mexican national who sits one rank above the publicly-known cartel bosses. This unidentified person, Mexico’s most powerful, is taking orders over the phone from a Greek individual in Greece, they add, This Greek individual in turn reports to the Orthodox Church people who also control the avatar of Vladimir Putin, Russian FSB sources say.

Once the North Americans are liberated from the KM, the Iberoamerican sources say they welcome the idea of creating a super-state uniting North and South America. Reflecting this, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador called for just such a thing at a Press conference saying “The option is [continentall] transformation and you have to dare to do it. And you don’t have to keep thinking about the next election, you have to think about the next generation.”

Getting back to the Russians, we were sent evidence last week by Mossad that the original Russian President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin was arrested “for the theft of state property on a large scale, financial fraud, abuse of authority, preparation of an act of terror to intimidate the population and influence the government.” As proof, they provided us with the video of his trial posted below.

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For the Militarists (Door Anna) (Also my life philosophy!)


I often encounter people, mostly from military backgrounds, who talk about me as if I weren’t standing in front of them, as if, indeed, I were instead an inanimate object or some other “she” in another place entirely. These men are also invariably the type who discredit and discount women, the sort who strut around as if they had a broomstick up their butts saying things like, “She’s only a woman.”

My reaction to them is just an invariable. I wonder what kind of down-trodden woman their own mothers must have been, to receive back that kind of disrespect from their sons. I also wonder what kind of men their fathers were to allow it. And then I go briskly on, explain what I need to explain to them, and move away at a jog-trot.

My own parents had such a happy and mutually respectful adjustment to the battle of the sexes, such a calm equanimity in the face of their differences, that the idea of one being significantly in servitude to the other is foreign to me.

To be sure, my Mother cooked my Father’s meals and ironed his shirts and kept his laundry spotless, but on the other hand, he toted her groceries and mowed her lawn and fixed her roof— or made sure that someone else was hired and paid to do it. It all got shared out and nobody in our family attached any importance to these chores of life. There was no inferiority or superiority at issue.

If pushed into service, my Father was able to cook and clean and wash clothes with the best of them. He certainly knew how to sit down in a chair and read stories and have children and dogs and cats clamber all over him. My Mother could saw lumber and true up floor joists and shoot a woodchuck at a hundred yards, as well as forage through the surrounding forests for herbs and berries and mushrooms like a Truffle Pig, and host a gracious Sunday dinner for eight without raising an eyebrow.

They got along so well most of the time that it was like hand and glove. If anyone had ever dared to disrespect my Father, they would have had my Mother to contend with, and vice versa, though I can’t think of any instance where that ever happened.

My own married life has been similarly happy and even-keeled. My husband and I are both introverts so that’s a bit different, but otherwise our household and our sharing of tasks and roles has been easy and equitable. I let him shoot any charging moose or bear that threatens, and he lets me spray rosewater on the flannel sheets, and we get along famously.

So with that as a proviso, I don’t understand people who are hung up on sex-based superiority complexes. And I don’t like being talked about in the guise of an object, like a table or a sideboard in need of repair or relocation.

These same men (and sometimes women) also have a tendency to say things like, “Nobody could know all that stuff.” and “I wonder what her Handlers fed her today.”

Well, let’s see….

By the age of 23, I had majors in Biochemistry and English Literature and was halfway through a Master’s Degree, studying Histology. Hmm. It’s been forty years since then.

Granting that I have spent at least half my time since then raising kids, chasing dogs, working at jobs and running my own business— unlike everyone else (apparently) I never stopped going to school. I never stopped reading, studying, observing, and learning.

What can you do with a firm college education in both the humanities and sciences, and twenty years to pursue any other subjects you wish? Well, that’s time enough for three Doctorate Degrees without sweating it, or ten more Baccalaureate Majors, or five Master’s Degrees.

So, yes, Major Dodge, I can know all that I know, and legitimately, too. I am old enough and have spent my days in the academic trenches and my nights solving ciphers.

That is not to say that I don’t benefit a great deal from the scholarship and research of many, many other patriots and people from all walks of life and areas of expertise, because I do. That’s part of the advantage of having a great education. It allows you to communicate with others across a broad spectrum of subjects and enables you to benefit from their knowledge and to share yours, too.

Over time, that allows you to connect dots and jump over tall buildings with a single bound. And it doesn’t matter which sex you are, either.

Nothing that I have achieved should be considered extraordinary or unusual. My expertise across a range of subject areas should be common as dirt for a woman my age, and the fact that it is not, doesn’t mean that I am so exceptional. It means that a lot of other people haven’t made the effort to explore their own world.

I didn’t start out to study law or history or theology or pharmacology or art. I encountered these subjects out of necessity. I didn’t plan to study civil engineering, statistics, communications, land surveying or materials science, either. Business management and accounting? Are you kidding? All that, too, came with the turf of my life, my jobs, my business endeavors, and my family.

The difference is, that instead of spending my days and nights glued to the television watching re-runs of Columbo, I spent my time reading and thinking and experimenting and building and exploring the world around me. I didn’t sit around in a bar wondering what to do next.

I’ve kept busy learning and observing the Earth and the world that men built upon it, all the days of my life. I’ve employed my mind and engaged my heart, and as a result, I don’t need any “Handlers” to “feed” me anything, thank you.

Also as a result, I don’t feel isolated from my world, like a separate thing set apart from it, that inanimate object that “she” represents, existing in my own little cell of a space suit waiting for the time allotted to me to run out.

Instead, I’ve learned that I and everyone and everything else on this planet and in this world make up a whole. We are all part of it and it is part of us. High time we realized that fundamental fact and started thinking in those terms, too.

Earth to NASA…. Earth to Pentagon….Earth to Australian Defense Ministry….

That’s the way it actually is, and we do nothing but harm ourselves and each other if we miss that basic point.

In my long mental and spiritual battle with the Cabal I have often observed their smug and self-satisfied concentration on themselves and their schemes and their secret social networks and ancient deceits.

And I have just as often thought, my God, my God…. these people can find nothing better to do? No better way to live?

They must be bored senseless. They must have no better expectations of themselves or of life, than to chase around after “symbols of value” and concoct infantile sting operations to fool the unsuspecting public.

Now, all those military types who wonder who my “Handlers” are, have tried to beat the cabal at the cabal’s own game. They have tried to out-lie the liars and find even better ways to cook the books, ever more mechanized ways to fool the public, more secret and complex codes to pull the strings….all in the name of protecting this country and “the free world”.

All they have accomplished by this is to make themselves into liars and crooks just like their adversaries, and to form their own criminal syndicates and networks, while de facto preying upon and deceiving the same people they are supposed to be protecting.

Sometimes fighting fire with fire isn’t such a great idea. Sometimes it just blows back on you and creates a bigger conflagration.

So we have crime syndicates and weird pagan religious cults running the Roman Catholic Church as a storefront — and attempting to move on to new digs at the United Nations, fully intending to use it as a storefront, too.

And we have almost the entire Law Enforcement community ultimately on the payroll of this venal organization, plus the military and “intelligence agencies” trying to out-con the con artists— and only corrupting their own organizations in the process.

If it weren’t so dangerous and nasty, I could afford to stand back and regard the whole situation as ridiculous and strangely funny.

For myself, I don’t try to combat lies with more lies.

That’s like trying to add negative numbers together in hopes of getting a positive result — and everyone I am talking to has already tried to do exactly that with the federal debt accounting system.

No, my solution to The Problem is quite different. If we are going to ever have a Free World, fundamental changes must be made to reconstruct the world that exists, changes to our assumptions, changes to our understanding, changes to the way we do things, and all those “secrets” need to go.

The Unsuspecting Public needs to suspect. And observe. And armed with a new way of seeing things, needs to take action, too.

My solution isn’t about favoring this or that bad option, doesn’t involve pitting competing criminal cabals against each other, doesn’t promote Corporate Feudalism, and doesn’t pretend that telling huge lies and diddling little children is a religion.

My solution is about providing a stable and honest platform to support life and social interaction on this planet, something that is good for everyone, and which harms none. A transparent way for everyone to get ahead and be limited by nothing but their own imagination. A system based on what is true, instead of promoting what is false.

Living Waters | Reformed Perspective

Documentary 69 minutes / 2015 Rating 8/10 This is one part nature documentary and one part evolutionary takedown. Illustra Media understands that a great way to expose evolution is to take a close in-depth look at some of the creatures that God has made. In Darwin’s day, scientists didn’t have the ability to look inside […]

Living Waters | Reformed Perspective

Bio warfare, own population, released evidence

“Operation Big City” U.S Army Tests Bio-Weapons on U.S. Citizens




Warning we are in an INFORMATION WAR!! This was removed from rumble with no notice!!!

If you need thousands of unsuspecting subjects on whom to test various hallucinogenic and incapacitating sprays, why just look around you at all those innocent people walking the streets of major American cities.

Among the assignments given to Dr. Sidney Gottlieb, head of the secret Project MK-ULTRA, by CIA chief Allen Dulles in 1953 was to perfect a method of producing large-scale aberrant mental states on an unsuspecting population. A substance was sought that the U.S. military could spray over a city when engaging an enemy and render both civilians and military opponents relatively helpless and unable to resist. The substance should be able to “cause illogical thinking” or “produce shock and confusion over extended periods of time” or “produce physical disablement, such as paralysis of the legs” or merely “cause mental confusion.”

Agents assigned to Operation Big City modified a 1953 Mercury so its exhaust pipe extended eighteen inches beyond its normal length. A gas concocted to cause hallucinations was then emitted through the automobile’s exhaust as the agents drove the Mercury for eighty miles around New York City, making note of the effects on pedestrians.

In another test, operatives equipped with nasal filters boarded the New York subway with battery-powered emissions equipment fitted into suitcases to test the effect of LSD on people in confined areas.

An ambitious project was conducted in 1957 when operatives released a biological gas off the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.
The intent of the experiment was to blanket the entire city with the gas and then monitor how powerfully the disorienting properties of the substance would affect the population.
The agents were dismayed when a sudden wind arose and blew the gas away before it could cause any harm.

In 1957 CIA inspector general Lyman Kirkpatrick issued an internal memo that cautioned operatives to use utmost secrecy to protect the operation not only from enemy intelligence,
but also from the American public in general.
If the American people should learn that the CIA was engaging in activities that were unethical and illicit,
such knowledge could become detrimental to the accomplishment of the Agency’s mission.

The Central Intelligence Agency may have been involved in
“open air” biological warfare tests in streets and tunnels in the New York City area in 1955 and 1956,
according to an analysis of CIA records released yesterday by the Church of Scientology.

The four-month analysis suggests that The CIA purchased supplies for experiments that included the dissemmation of unknown substances for aerosol devices mounted in suitcases and in the exhaust of a specially modified 1953 Mercury, according to the church’s report.

The church’s analysts said they examined about 600 pages of CIA financial records that were part of the agency’s MK-ULTRA mind control experiments. The documents have been made public by the CIA during the last 2 1/2 years. t

The Scientologists’ report is to be made public today. Copies of the report were sent to congressional Intelligence and Armed Services committees as well as to the Cia and the Army, a church spokesman said.

CIA May Have Tested Biological Warfare in New York in ’50s, Church Says…./archive/politics/19

Operation Big City

In 1950, the U.S. Released a Bioweapon in San Francisco
This was one of hundreds of bioweapon simulations carried out in the 1950s and 1960s

Pentagon Discloses Hundreds of Reports of Possibly Illegal Intelligence Activities

FOIA: Intelligence Agencies’ Misconduct Reports

FOIA Litigation for Accountable Government

Freedom of Information Act Search EFF’s FOIA Documents

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

American Domestic Bioterrorism Program
Building the case to prosecute members of Congress, presidents, HHS and DOD
secretaries and federal judges for treason under 18 USC 2381

(from the wayback machine)


Serratia has dark history in region / Army test in 1950 may have changed microbial ecology

FM 3-09.34 Kill Box Tactics and Multiservice Procedures


Restricted U.S. Military Multi-Service Kill Box Employment Manual
December 29, 2011
The 2005 version of this manual was previously published WikiLeaks.

It was a conspiracy! Military experiments on unsuspecting public

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